Top 10 Habits That Keep Women Fat-The Real Skinny

The Real Skinny was recently published by the bloggers at Appetite For Heath. In this book they compiled The Top 101 Fat Excuses that they have received from their readers over the years.

They believe that everyone has a choice and women can either choose to keep making excuses to remain fat or choose to find solutions to those excuses and start losing weight.

The Real Skinny’s Top 10 Fat Excuses

  1. “No Matter What, I’m never going to lose weight and I don’t think it’s all my fault.”
  2. “I have such a slow metabolism. I hardly eat anything, but just can’t lose weight.”
  3. “I’m addicted to all things sweet”
  4. “I’m a curvy woman, we’re supposed to be a little soft.”
  5. “I’m a junk food addict”
  6. “I just keep losing and regaining…. again and again.”
  7. “I have depression and the thought of trying to eat right and exercise is just too overwhelming.”
  8. “I can’t live without my diet soda”
  9. “I’m nearly 50 years old. If I even smell fatty foods now, I’ll gain weight”
  10. “I’ve hit menopause, it’s useless to try to diet.”

101 Slim Habits

Luckily, The Real Skinny isn’t a book of excuses only, but for all 101 excuses that are keeping women fat, they provide reasoning and evidence for why the excuse isn’t true as well as solutions to overcome the excuse and start losing weight.

The book also provides women with many other tips and solutions including a 14 day meal plan, eating out solutions, and healthy recipes.

The real skinny will appeal to women who have given up on losing weight and cause them to evaluate their negative thought processes in a rational manner. It will also help them to develop a plan for losing weight and give them many of the tools to do so.

Probably the only thing lacking here would be a support system, but their are many good online weight loss support sites such as SparkPeople that could be used in conjunction with The Real Skinny.

Have you ever made any of the fat excuses above?

The Real Skinny is available for purchase on

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